What Happens During A Floor Sanding Service?

Wood sanding

Wooden flooring has the benefit of being able to be sanded every few years. This means that a like-new finish can be achieved several times throughout the lifetime of one single floor fitting. There are a few stages to the floor sanding treatment. We’re going to explain what happens here, so you know what to expect.

How Often Should You Get Floor Sanding?

Wooden floor should be sanded on an as-needed basis, so there’s not really a one-size-fits-all timescale. Some people will be more particular about the appearance of their floors, whereas others may prefer a more distressed look. Ultimately, the more often you sand the floor, the more often you’ll need to replace it over time. Keep this in mind when considering how often you schedule your sanding services.

More Than Just Sanding

You might be surprised to learn than floor sanding and floor restoration are interchangeable terms. If you schedule a sanding service, you may be expecting the contractor to give your floor a rub with an abrasive material, apply a polishing product and call the job done. This is far from the truth! As well as sanding and finishing the floor, the floorboards also need to be repaired and levelled. Any gaps should be filled and you may also choose to apply a stain as well as a protective finish.

Buffing Vs. Sanding

As we mentioned before, repeated sanding of your wooden floors can only happen a certain amount of times before the floor is too thin and needs replacing. Another option is buffing, which is less abrasive but still able to create a renewed finish. Buffing is best for small imperfections and minor refreshes, as opposed to being a suitable treatment for heavily scratched and stained floors.

When Is Sanding Too Much?

Generally, most wooden floors indicate that they need renewing when the nails begin to show. This isn’t always the case, and there are a few circumstances where nails will show for other reasons. If you can start to see the nails showing, speak to a professional wooden floor contractor to determine what your next steps are.

For Floor Sanding, Choose Jones & Harrold

Our wooden floor experts can sand, refinish and refurbish your wooden flooring in no time. We’ll help you care for them over time and ensure they always look beautiful. Contact our team today for further information.


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