Wooden Floor Fitting

Whether you are looking to transform your home or business, we offer a wide range of wooden flooring options. These include parquet and strip flooring, as well as options for solid and engineered wooden floors. To find out more about our professional fitting services, or the flooring options we provide, feel free to get in touch for further details.

Solid & Engineered Wood Options

Depending on your personal preference or budget, you may consider solid or engineered wood for your new floor fitting. Unlike carpet alternatives, wooden flooring is allergen-free and cleaning becomes far easier. Both wood flooring options we offer provide unique properties that may benefit your home or business.

Solid Wood Flooring

We offer a wide range of solid wood flooring options from various species of wood, including oak, maple and walnut. Solid hardwood floors tend to have a minimum lifespan of 30 years, with the potential of reaching up to 100 years if regularly sanded and refinished. Furthermore, with the option for future refinishing, you have the opportunity to change your flooring arrangement in the years to come, without needing to replace the entire installation.

Engineered Wood Flooring

One of the key differences between It also has more impressive resistance against both heat and water when compared to its solid wood counterparts. So not only is it durable enough to handle unpredictable changes in temperature and moisture, common in kitchens and bathrooms, but it can also be used as an asset to underfloor heating installations.

Parquet Flooring

A timeless flooring option for those seeking a traditional floor style. Parquet flooring offers customers a variety of arrangements for a unique presentation. Additionally, due to the geometric arrangement of this wooden pieces, there is less room for movement within the overall installation. Furthermore, the materials are made of multiple layers of wood which help absorb impact, keeping the overall flooring stable, and providing great endurance over a long lifespan.

Strip Flooring

Due to its simplistic design. Using longer flooring strips, we can cover larger surface areas, or complete smaller installations with fewer materials, saving you time and money. Furthermore, the use of long wooden strips can give the illusion of space in otherwise smaller living areas. Not reacting to either heat or moisture, strip flooring also makes for an excellent option in kitchens and bathrooms.

Call Now To Arrange A Floor Fitting

If you’re interested in booking a floor fitting for your property, get in touch with our flooring specialist to receive a free, no obligation quote.

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