Wooden Floor Restoration

In order to keep your wood flooring in the best condition, we recommend hiring us for a professional restoration service. Our restoration services are tailored to your floor’s personal requirements. Therefore, this may include sanding, scratch removal, or handling water damage. We can also assist with replace boards, or even extending your current flooring. So get in contact with our team for more details, and arrange a free, no obligation quote today.

Replacement Blocks & Boards

If your wood flooring has encountered partial damages, rather than arranging a full floor replacement, we can provide you with replacement blocks and boards. In doing so, you save time and money needed for a full replacement, and instead look forward to a swift and affordable solution. Should any of the boards require replacing, we will seek out matching materials to help create a seamless transition between old and new materials.

Extend Your Current Flooring

Our replacement materials can also be used when you’re looking to extend the rooms of your property. You may be planning an extension of your kitchen or office. Or maybe removing the current carpets of your property for a more manageable flooring option. What ever the situation may be, our flooring experts to look to blend and match your current arrangement as best they can. For more information, feel free to get in touch with our team by phone or email.

Swollen Boards & Water Damage

With all wooden flooring, installations can become subject to humidity and dampness over time. And depending on atmospheric conditions, and the traffic of footfall which they encounter, your wooden flooring may become swollen by water damage. Luckily, our floor specialists are on-hand to assist with such a situation. Whether this involves repairs or replacement, contact our team to discuss your situation in greater detail.

Scratched Floor Repairs

Depending on the severity of the scratches your floor may have encountered, our team arrange a seamless restoration, returning it to its previous condition. If you’re looking to remove scratch marks from your flooring, speak with our team to arrange a restoration treatment.

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